Sunday, November 20, 2011

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Review: Urbano Corojo

Urbano Cigars, founded by Matt Urbano, is a boutique line that is 100% handmade from first generation Cuban seed tobacco grown in the Dominican Republic, offering three different wrappers — Corojo, Sumatra, and Connecticut.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cigar's Make A Great Gift ... but beware of the cheap ones!

Today there are thousands of cigar aficionados, and maybe some of them are on your gift list. If you're not too familiar with buying cigars but would really like to give some out this holiday season learning some simple rules may just help you choose the right ones.

Smoking a cigar really used to be enjoyed by a tiny part of the population, however, today cigars have gone mainstream and enjoyed by both men and women. There was a time long ago that only wealthy could indulge, but now just about any cigar lover can afford quality cigars.

Check out a tobacco business to view their selection, and if you can ask for a sampler. Steer clear of the  "drugstore" cigars that may be cheap, are filled with preservatives and other harmful ingredients that you simply don't want. For the very best in quality you should  really seek out cigars that are one hundred percent tobacco.  Anyone who runs a cigar business should already have the knowledge to answer all your questions as well as the experience to help you find the right stogie.

Now go out and buy a few sticks!

Urbano Cigars

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Judge Stops FDA Regulations of Graphic Labels

Judge Stops FDA Regulations of Graphic Labels...

Quality versus Quantity by Urbano Cigars

In this day and age, when mass production is happening everywhere.

At Urbano Cigars, we make it a point to take our time even if that means rolling out a new batch a little later than expected.

With something like cigars, or even wine. It best to let the process move you  - rather than you move the process along just to get more product out. 

Urbano Cigars is proud to be the makers of some of the worlds finest quality made cigars you can buy, and that my friend didn't happen over night. Years of research, a multitude of blends and countless hours creating something we are very proud to offer the cigar aficionado.

Try out our latest arrivals, and fan favorites.